Classroom Flags
Classroom Flags by Flags-by-SWI since 1989

Available as Single Flags, or Complete Classroom Flag Sets of Countries!

Classroom Flags
Classroom Flags

Classroom Flags
Flags for Teachers

  Supplying Classroom Flags since 1989...

  Classroom American Flags, classroom international flags, small classroom flags, classroom state flags, classroom flags available in ( 4 sizes .. )

  Our Classroom Flags offer Great Quality. Nicely printed on polyester fabric in brilliant colors, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  Most flags are available in 4 sizes ranging from 4 in x 6 in up to 3 ft x 5 ft, and different styles, such as string flags.
  These Classroom Flags make great displays for desk tops and table tops, and can be used as teaching aides, for classroom decorations,
  parades, and other special events.

  A broad selection of flags & brackets for almost any classroom setting ...


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    International Classroom Flags

    Over 200 countries available.

    Minature Classroom Flags

    ( 4"x6" Desk Top Flags )
    ( 12"x18" Stick Flags )

    Classroom Flag Brackets

    ( Desk Top and Table Bases, Wall flag holders )

    Classroom Latin America Flags

    ( Flags of 20 Latin American Countries )

    U.S. Classroom Flags

    ( 4-sizes )

    Classroom Country Pennants

    ( Pennant strings of Latin Countries, Asian, African, European Countries,
    and more )
    ( 30 feet long )

    Classroom African Flags

    ( * Flags available for 55 African Nations )

    Classroom Spanish Speaking Countries Flags

    ( Flags for each 21 Spanish Speaking Nations )

    Classroom Caribbean Flags

    ( 20 flags of Caribbean Countries )

    Classroom U.N. Flag Sets

    ( Sets include - 1 flag for each of the
    193 United Nations Member Countries )

    Classroom European Flags

    ( Flags of 20 European Countries )

    Classroom Asian Flag Set

    ( 20 Asian Countries in each set )

    50 State - U.S. Flag Set
    for classrooms

    ( 4-sizes )

    Solid Color Flags for Classrooms

    ( great for school projects )

    Classroom Flag Poles