International Flag Sets

All 193 UN Member National Flags & More
( for Outdoor-Indoor use )

International Flag Sets
International Flag Sets

  Purchase the same International Flag Sets that we supply to School Districts, Universities, Teachers, & Government Agencies.
Our flags are for both indoor & outdoor use and include international flags from over 300 countries, and all
are available in (4) sizes, from our 4"x 6" table top sets up to the 3'x 5' full size sets.
All flags are made of 100% polyester fabric finished in bright brilliant colors!

Supplying International Flags since 1989.

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* 193 UN Member Nations
Flag Set

Presentation Flag Set
( * flagpole, floor stand,
& any flag of choice )
World Flag Set
World Flag Set
* 20 Countries of your choice
( 4 sizes to choose from )

21 Spanish Speaking
Countries Flag Set

1 Flag Set of
20 Latin American Countries
1 Flag Set of
20 International Countries

Classroom Flags
( 4 Sizes )

50 US States
Flag Set

20 European Countries
Flag Set

16 Oceania Countries
Flag Set

African Countires
54 or 20 pc Flag Sets

20 Caribbean Countries
Flag Set

20 Asian Countries
Flag Set

International String Flags

Flag Poles & Bases

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