Blank 12"x18" Flags
( choose from 15 colors )

Blank 12x18 Flags
   Blank flags, (choose from 15 colors), 12x18 inch flags are made from 100% polyester.
They are attached to a 24" staff through a sewn canvas sleeve.

Blank Flags are available in; white, black, red, pink, orange, green, blue, yellow,
purple, burgandy, and more.

   All blank flags are in stock and normally ship within 1 business day ..

12x18 Flags:
( order below in any mix of colors ! )

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Solid White
Stick Flag
Soild Black
Stick Flag
Lt Blue
Stick Flag
Pink Stick
Stick Flag
Dark Blue
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Stick Flag
Neon Green
Stick Flag
Royal Blue
Stick Flag

   Solid Color Flags 12x18"
Any Flag of your choice
Flags are 100% polyester,
come mounted on a 24" wooden staff
through sewn sleeve pocket,

ITEM NO: #Solid Color- 12" X 18"   

Brackets sold seperately
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( Item: 12x18" Solid Color Flags )

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the "text box area" of the shopping cart... )


Quantity: Unit Price: * Min Qty: 6 pcs
in any mix
1+ $ 3.25
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